Contortionist Motorbike

The Human Motorcycle Project is an art ensemble by Trina Merry for the International Motorcycle Shows that will be touring in the United States. The airbrushed photos display a chic windblown female rider positioned on a high-powered motorbike. The only difference with these two-wheeler gas vehicles is that they are made out of people.

Human Motorcycle Project  2

Every part of the motorcycles are formed by people in colored body paint that are molded into the shape of bike parts. Their hands are used as handle bars, their arms become the wheels and their bodies are stacked to form the outline of the vehicle. By having the bikes made out of people, Merry's Human Motorcycle project creates a deeper artistic connection with the audience. She expertly styles her models with the vibrant colors of racing couture bikes to bring to life the blazing machines.

Human Motorcycle Project  3
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